Love is what you are even if you don’t feel it.
Love is what you get, even if you don’t notice it.
Love is what you must radiate, for you cannot do differently.

There is only love, no fear.
There is only light, no darkness.

If you don’t agree with me, it’s OK. You might have had a hard youth, misfortune. You might have been abandoned or badly treated. So in your life, you have not yet found proof for my statement.

Then again I know for sure, you must know one kind person, that treats you right. You must have had one coincidental situation of luck. There must have been sun after rain.

It can not be different you see. You are made from love and even though you were not taught to love yourself and to take good care of yourself and to nourish yourself with good food, loving thoughts, and kind people, you still are made from love.

Your parents, school system, church, and culture just handed on what they were taught, but now you can ask yourself questions. Is what I have learned about myself true?

You can take it further. You can ask with everything you do: “Is this in my best interest? Will this give me energy? Will I feel better afterward? Will this make me a better person?

Once you start asking yourself these questions, you have woken up from your negative programs and start living consciously. You are not a victim you know. You have a free choice. You can choose love.

In my books, I show you, very practically, how you can get rid of negative programming and open up to your dream life. I do hope you will give me the benefit of the doubt and just start reading.

Love, Merel