Merel, it seems like you believe in the goodness of people. Is this right?

 Yes, for me, all beings come from light and love. Often they have forgotten, and their programs tell them otherwise, but once they choose to learn who they are, they too can have a joyous life.

Do you believe anyone can benefit from working on himself?

 Yes, I do. I believe any situation can be better. Once you know how to, you change it.

Merel, where does your information in the books come from?

 My books are mostly channeled. I make contact with an energy being and ask questions. It gives me answers, and I write them down. I use my vocabulary and my background and understanding of the world as scenery.

What is Quantum physics?

 It is a theory in Physics defined by Niels Bohr and Max Planck and later by Einstein that says all is energy. It looks at the smallest of particles. When they are not defined yet they seem to be waves. When observed they look like particles. Quantum explains the fundamental rules of the Universe. All modern technology is based on these principles. The Quantum Physics, I use in my books is to help you reach your goals sooner. When you know that anything could be everything. You open up to a diversity of possible possibilities.

Merel, can I study kinesiology as well?

Yes, you can. There are many trainers all over the world to teach you the basics in Kinesiology, like Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Stress Release.

Kan een vision board helpen?

Jazeker! Velen van ons zijn beelddenkers. Het brein associeert gemakkelijker met plaatjes. Plak jouw hoofd bijvoorbeeld op het ideale lichaam. Zorg ook voor afbeeldingen van de mensen die je lief hebt en die je in je ideale leven wilt. Hang het vision board op een plek waar je veel komt en maak er een foto van die je gebruikt als screensaver. Zo word je onbewust steeds aan je Quantum I herinnerd.

Why are your books on so many different subjects?

 I have wanted to understand life and the world ever since I was born. So I have many interests. I feel that by using a variety of subjects I reach a larger public in their field of interest. This way, it is easier for them to understand.

Merel, apart from being a writer, you are also a therapist in kinesiology. Do you treat people all over the world?

Yes, I do. I use the principles of kinesiology, like muscle testing and corrections, and apply them to people everywhaere. All is energy. It is easy for me to work with people that are not in my vicinity.

Van IQ naar QI

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