An introduction to Quantum thinking. It is easy to read, and it makes one wonder about life.
Tamara Platteel MA

There are not yet many books about Quantum thinking. I am happy with Merel’s book. Have fun reading it. It may change your life.
Wim Belt MS

Quantum physicist

It was a feast to read this book. I recognized so much.
Sacha Bergwerf

MNRI reflex integration practitioner, H2blOssom

From IQ to QI is an easy to read book. It is as if you hear Merel speak. The book has a high vibration and, I feel motivated to do the exercises in the Quantum I Portal, although I know them already.
Diederik Bakker Engr.

Quantum coach, Lean, Six sigma black belt, Kinesiollogist, Land van Mogelijkheden

Van IQ naar QI

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I have recognized so much in this book. I had read it before I knew it!

Sacha Bergwerf, Reflex integratie practitioner MNRI at H2blOssom

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From IQ to QI

From the old way to thinking to the new way