Hello and welcome to The Crystalline Matrix Masterclass online course!

Not so long ago I gave a life course to a group of very enthusiastic people about the 12 codes of the Crystalline Matrix and the 12 crystals of the Crystal City.

I taught them how I work with this amazing material.

It is high energy healing for yourself and others and can be used as a correction or as support during a balance or therapy session.

I came across the Crystalline Matrix in 2012 and immediately applied it in my kinesiology practice. It helped my clients enormously.

As I was looking for red crystals I came across The Crystal City and was mesmerized. This I did not apply immediately in my practice, because I was blown away by the non-transparent green stone. I did not know than it was the master crystal I had grabbed from the box.

This is powerful stuff!

Do you like shiny objects, crystals and codes? Do you like to work magic on yourself and others?

Then join me on this very special masterclass. There is no one like it in the world, because I combine a couple of systems that are alike, different and that normally are not being combined. I use kinesiology, Divine Jamming, The Crystalline Matrix and The Crystal City together.

Are you curious?

Together with the online course you get free access to the “Kristallijne Matrix Masterclass” private group on Facebook. In this group you find like minded people that have been studying the Crystalline Matrix and crystals for some time now. They might even have the crystals already.

In that group you find also the hand-out we used during the training, showing you the information on the crystals and the codes and some tips on how to use them and do balances and visualizations. 

Once you have purchased the online training you will get an email with all the data.

If you are not convinced yet.. have a look at my vlog in which I work with the Crystal City and then come back and decide you want to know all of this beautiful kind of energy healing.

See you on the other side.

Much love Merel