As a child, I was very interested in everything. I believe my mom had blisters on her ears because of all my questions. This never changed in my life. It’s my curiosity that made me search for faster and better methods to heal, be happy, and feel rich.

My father had a temper and I learned from an early age how to please him and lay low. I would know if I could move and speak or that there would be repercussions. My unsafe childhood made me lock up inside. I created fear of failing, allergies, and dyslexia.

In my quest trying to solve these problems, I encountered kinesiology. Twenty years ago I started studying this and have not stopped since. I now call myself “The kinesiologist on the Move”, while living and working from my campervan in one of the best spots in Europe. I am a trainer in all the basic kinesiology programs and I am an author, combining kinesiology, Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction.

I have specialized in treating people with fear and anxiety to feel safe and to be able to bond, with themselves and others, thereby creating much better relationships. When we are safe and loved, we can think, digest, regenerate, and let our immune system work.

I believe that I should be at my best, my Quantum I. I, therefore, balance myself every day. Of course, I know many tricks and shortcuts to feel better instantly. I will be teaching you them throughout my books and pieces of training. Whether it is a free training or a paid one. I will always share my best with you.

As my practice, Movimento, grew, I realized I would not be able to treat everybody. That is why I started writing and making online pieces of training. So people could start working on themselves, not limited by my amount of time.
I get back many beautiful stories, about people being able to recover from burnout, and starting to do what they love, creating their ideal lives.

It fills me with great joy to see so many happy faces of people that are discovering who they are, liking and loving themselves. They are radiant and a very positive influence on their friends and beloved ones.

I hope I may inspire you too with one of my books and pieces of training and that your life may enroll as beautifully as mine.

Please share your experience with people you know and I hope to meet you on one of my travels or social media. Just click a link to link with me.

Love, Merel



Merel Slotboom

I have recognized so much in this book. I had read it before I knew it!

Sacha Bergwerf, Reflex integratie practitioner MNRI at H2blOssom

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