Imagine you had tools to make yourself happy. What would you do? Would you use them?

What if you knew that your happiness would contribute to the world’s happiness? Would you then be more motivated to work on yourself?

Not so long ago I heard a young Swiss girls say: Ïf all the people in the world would be happy for one day, it would be over with unlight.”

I was shocked. Could this be true and if so, what could I do to help?

The young woman is called Christina von Dreien and her latest book is called: “The disobedience of love.” She means to say. When you love yourself and others and someone tells you to harm somebody else. You will feel a moment and say NO!

The thing I came up with to help is to write a book with the 12 best techniques that I know to help people overcome: stress, anxiety, fear, and addiction and start opening up their hearts with tapping procedures, Quantum Jumps, meditation, and a visualization.

I use the techniques that I have learned throughout my life that I use daily, and I use techniques that I made, like Divine jamming, De-Programming, and working with the Crystal City and the crystalline matrix.

If you feel you want to make a change in the world for the good. If you have been wanting to help, but you did not know how to, please join me on my mission.

When you buy my book: LOVE, Help heal the world in Ebook or POD, you will get a free online training of all the 12 exercises, which I do for you and with you. Or you do it the other way around. You buy the training and get the Ebook for free.

Please let me know how you are doing on the private Facebook group and tell your friends. Together we can create a love revolution.

Are you in?

Hope to see you soon.

Much love, Merel