What is the law of light?

Everything is energy. If you look at Quantum Physics, something is eighter a particle or a wave. It depends on the observer.

Waves come in different heights and lengths. They eighter enhance each other or cancel each other out.

We interpret waves of energy through our eyes, we call it sight, through our ears, we call it hearing. When the waves slow down maximally, like here on earth, we think it is a matter, but still,
it is still energy.

When you go into a cell of the body, into the smallest particles, there is only energy. So we are made of energy, of light.

When we bath ourselves in the sun, each day and breath in sunlight and breath out the absence of light, we sometimes call darkness. We recharge our cells and bodies. It is literally like putting your phone on the charger.

Eating and drinking can never charge you like light can, because of the different frequency.

People that live far away from the equator often feel depressed in the wintertime. Don’t worry. You can charge sun energy into your cells with vitamin D3. You can supplement it, eat fatty fish,
they are full of it, go to a special Vitamin D solarium or sit and meditate and remember the summer sun.

This all works. What doesn’t work is complain about the weather, stay in bed, stay inside and watch television or your phone. The light from the screens is a false light and will keep your receptors occupied for real light. That is why the telly and phones are so addictive. What we actually need is light. True light.

You might think you are your body, while actually, you are energy, nonphysical, and a body, physical, at the same time. Even if your life seems dark. You came from light. You are light. Sooner or later,
the light will show through the cracks and you will choose light.

Love, Merel and Jesus