Intentions are goals you consciously set for yourself and want them to come true.

As you know by now, all that you focus on becomes bigger. The chance of you manifesting it grows. It first grows energetically and then it shows itself in the matter.

If, you allow it to.

When you are caught up in negative thoughts, unloving and critical ideas. You are attracting whatever you are thinking about.

Let’s take an example. Say you wish for a beautiful car, a blue one. You have seen it. You like it so much that you see it everywhere. You have a picture of it on your phone and you look at it every day. It is your desire, your intention, to buy yourself that car. You can even see it parked on your driveway.

Now someone says: “Are you sure about that car? I hear they break down a lot.” Now you start doubting. You do need a car you can trust. And it is quite expensive. What if you don’t sell your old car for a good price. “Who am I to want to buy a new car.” My parents always drove second hand. So do my friends. I actually know of no one to have a new car. What does my wife think? What if others think I am exaggerating? Should I not save the money for investment?

How likely do you think it is, this car will show up on your driveway.

We do this all the time!

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Love, Merel