Dreams that you can remember are possibly in a brain wave state that we call Theta. When we are in Theta, we are programmable. We were so in our mother’s womb and the first 7 years of our lives.

When we are in Theta, we don’t question if something is true. We just take in. It’s the fastest way of learning. That’s why raising a child bilingually is such a good idea.

You might wonder if you can still learn in Theta as a grown-up. The good news is: “Yes, you can!”

Just before falling asleep and just before really waking up, you are in Theta. If you at that point speak your intentions, they will land easily in your mind. You can do this yourself, on the spot or you might want to record a meditation with all your intentions. What you can also do is get good meditations from someone you trust and follow. I mostly fall asleep with Abraham Hicks on.

You will see the quality of your sleep will be better, your immune system, you will rejuvenate and be more powerful and energetic.

This is a very good way to set your goals and intentions and have them come true rapidly.

Wishing you a lovely, intentional sleep, Merel