Hello you!

Welcome to the member page of LOVE, Help heal the world.

On this page I will share with you 12 videos on how to balance your life, your mind, your body, your energy. We are going about it in several ways. We are going to make fear smaller and love bigger. To achieve that we use kinesiology, Quantum healing, the Crystal City, The Crystalline Matrix, visualisation and meditation. 

All exercises are very powerful, so please do not do more than 3 videos a day. That is too much of a good thing. You will blow yourself up.

It’s nice to journal your process on how you feel and what exercises helped you best.

You have FREE access to a private group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1327407104416798 in which you can share your experiences, insights and ask your questions. There a like minded people there, so you might even make new friendships.

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I wish you a lot of fun.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 1 Triple heater smoothie

Hello and welcome to the first video belonging to the book LOVE, Help heal the world. Thank you so much for being here and learning about yourself, stress, anxiety, addictions and mostly opening the heart.

In the first video I teach you how to manage stress or panic in the easiest possible way. Make shure you practice this a lot, so when you are in danger or fear, you remember, like in a reflex, what to do.

The second thing I teach you is the Triple Heater Smoothie from Donna Eden. It’s an easy technique to use with anxiety.

Remember to write down a mark on how you feel somewhere between 0-10, where 0 is bad and 10 is fantastic and to make a selfie. Do this also when you have completed the exercise.

Remember to go to the special Facebook Group I created for you. Share your experiences and insights and ask your questions. See you there! [URL]

Have fun. Much love, Merel

Chapter 2 Divine Jamming®

Hi and welcome to video 2. I will teach you one of my own creations, Divine Jamming. It is a simple energy healing technique that you can use in all situations. It balances energy and helps you raise your vibe.

Have a lot of fun practicing.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 3 Quantum I

Goodmorning! How are you doing? Are you feeling some effects already of the first two lessons?

Today I will teach you how to Quantum Jump to your best time line, the time line of your Quantum I, the best version of you.

This technique you normally get for free, when you purchase my book: From IQ to QI.

It is a combination of intention setting, kinesiology, removal of sabotage and emotional blockages and raising your vibration.

Have fun doing this exercise. It works best if you do it at least two times a day and for100 days.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 4 The Crystalline Matrix

The Crystalline Matrix is a set of 12 codes to unlock 12 dimensions. It is an energetical correction to reinstall the dimensions you have lost on the way and make you whole again.

I have made a powerful masterclass combining the Crystalline Matrix and the 12 crystals of the Crystal city. You find it on the website.

In video 4 I teach you how to work with the fourth code, the one of Godly love. This is the highest form of love. This is what we are. So you need it.

Have fun doing the exercise. Let my voice guide you.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 5 Magical Meditation

Hello, are you ready for a Magical Meditation?

My first lives on planet earth I was a mermaid. For me magic is re-connecting to that divine realm. Let me take you with me on a meditation I do often to heal and repair and raise my vibration.

Let me wonder you.

Just lie down and listen to my voice.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 6 Crystal City

Goodmorning, welcome back. You are almost half way. Doing great! Do you notice big or subtile changes in your life?

Today we will work with two of the 12 crystals of the Crystal City.

The bright green one is all about unconditional love, receiving and healing. The pink one also belongs to the heart chakra and is more about giving and healing the innerchild.

Enjoy being with the crystals and notice how you feel.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 7 De-Programming

How are you? Are you experiencing changes in your life, your body, your mind, your reactions?

Today we will be working with a technique of mine. It is called: De-Programming. I wrote a series of 3 books on this topic. With each book belongs an online training.

In part 1, Heal yourself, you get to discover the trauma under your triggers. Very often this trauma was not in this life time. So in De-Programming we move in time to other generations and lifetimes, in the past and future.

In part 2, Heal others, you start applying what you have learned on others. This might be your family, friends, collegues and if you are a therapist on clients. We work on fear, pain, allergies and addictions, for very often their origin lies in other lives or generations.

In part 3, Heal your potential, we go back to who we really are, who we are designed to be. Somewhere along the way, we lost our potential, and now we are getting it back. You can imagine that creating the life of your dreams and living your missions is much easier when you have access to the whole package.

In this video we do an exercise from part 3. We retrieve a part of the body and later on we heal all ingredients to have access to our full potential.

Please enjoy this exercise. Do it as often as you like. If you want more of it. Just go to the website to get the whole training.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 8 Heart chakra visualisation

Hello there, welcome to video 8.

How are you doing? Write it down or even share in FB group. Make a selfie.

During my year of forgiveness I got used to listening to channelled messages from Jesus. He made also some wonderful meditations. For this Heart Chakra Visualisation I was inspired by some of his.

The beautiful energy in this visualisation helps you heal and be vibrant.

I wish you fun.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 9 Letting go of addictions

Hello and welcome back.

May be you think you have no addictions, so this chapter is not of use to you. Wonderful. I hope so, because addictions are of lower energy and keep you fenced in.

When I speak of addictions, it’s not only of drugs,  alcohol and tobacco, it may also be sex, watching TV, being on your phone, being with friends, sugar, coffee, chocolate…

Anything you really have to do, and feel you have no choice in.

When I check with muscle testing, under the addiction, I always find a kind of fear. So we tap kidney meridian to let go of the fear. Let’s see if it is easier now to let go of your addictions.

Please let me know in the FB group. So we can support each other. Somehow, getting rid of addictions is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration.

I wish you a lot of fun.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 10 Blocked fear tapping

Hello and welcome back! How do you feel?

Did you already check the awesome FB group with like minded people?

When you feel a kind of angst, anxiety and you do not seem to be able to shake it. Please do this exercise. You will probably find that you had an over energy on stomach meridian or spleen meridian.

When you tap that away, flow returns and your body and mental state will restore and you will feel less fearful. The good thing is, fear and love are opposites. When fear goes away, love may enter.

I wish you a lot of fun.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 11 5 elements sound balance

Some sounds we never make. They are blocked. However, we do need them to be balanced.

Welcome to exercise number 11.

Today we will be balancing the sounds we can make as humans. We are helped by the system of the 5 elements to heal our sounds.

Write down a mark between 0-10 on how you feel and make a selfie. Watch the video and do the sounds with me. Together is easier.

And remember to check how you feel afterwards.

Do this exercise as often as you like.

Much love, Merel

Chapter 12 Bonding

Welcome back to our last video together in this series.

Bonding is the basis to all relationships, the one with the Divine, with Self and with Others.

When disturbed we become needy and clingy or closed and autistic.

Much is gained in life on earth when our relationships are balanced, because the greatest heartache comes from here.

If you love yourself and you are at peace with who you are. You can be alone and choose to be with others. You are wonderful company and with your loving vibration, you raise the vibration on the planet, so you are actually creating heaven on earth.

Thank you so much for joining me and helping me create that one day on which all people are happy and there will be no room left for lower vibrations.

Please return to the videos as often as you like. The more you grow, the more you create the life of your dreams.

Thanks for the time and the trust. Let me know how you feel, what the training did to you. Would you advise others to read this book and do the exercises? Would you give the book as a gift? I hope so. And if you want to write a review, that would be lovely.

I surely hope to see you again on my channels, websites, with my books and trainings or in real life.

Much love, Merel