It might sound strange, but I was asked to write this book, by an orca.

In a focus exercise, this lovely orca, called Isis came along. I could hear her speak in the clearest voice. She asked me if I would write a book with her. She knew I was always studying and asking questions. She allowed me to ask all the questions I could think of and she would answer them.

Her answers were sometimes shockingly honest to me, so they might have the same effect on you.

We talked about humans coming to this planet, dolphins, emotions, children, women and men and we talked about love and health.

This is the most disarming book. It shows that you are the creator of your life. You may choose light and love or the absence of it. It’s up to you.

People that are wakening up will like Isis’ style and feel motivated to move on on their paths.

I’m very curious what effect it will have on your life. Having an orca friend has changed mine forever.

Love, Merel