Ebook Making love

Making love is a book especially made for people that hardly make love anymore. They just stopped. There is a number of reasons, why they stopped making love. Maybe they had a bad experience, or love making hurts, or they are busy, or don’t want to make love because of the kids.

As I realized, in my Professional kinesiology practice, that many of my clients don’t make love anymore, and they often do not see it as a problem. This was hard for me to onderstand, because love making, for me is an essential part of my relationship.

As I was making love with my partner I observed, almost in the third position, what I did to make our being together better. I noticed, I used techniques from kinesiology to make it go more smooth and less painful.

Then I thought: “what if I could teach people these simple yet very effective techniques, wouldn’t many more then go back to love making and wouldn’t the world then be more loving?”

That’s how I got to write this book. I do hope you will enjoy reading it and practicing the tips and exercises I give you. Soon there will be an online training available to support you on your voyage in becoming more loving and enjoying love making more. Just keep an eye on this website.

Love, Merel