(E)book Happy Winter

Welcome to Happy Winter!
How to stay happy and healthy during fall and winter?

 This book started off as a series of vlogs on the YouTube channel of Movimento. On which you can still watch 12 video’s with the same subjects as the 12 chapters in the book, only the content differs, so they actually complete each other. The video’s are in English. Like most of my vlogs. When you are on my channel, please like and subscribe, that way my latest video’s will be brought to your attention.

In my kinesiology practice, many people start being less happy when the leaves start to fall. When it gets really cold, they experience great difficulty getting out of bed and they feel like doing little. They become sad and sometimes depressed. Especially for these people, who would love to be a little happier and healthier in the wintertime, I wrote this book.

It is full of tips and tricks, that you can do by yourself, to optimize your life and health.

You probably knew already that there is only one person responsible for your wellbeing and that is you. So, I am very glad that you are here to order my book. You can choose from 2 variants.
There is the E-book, in which you can start reading right away and the POD (Print on Demand), which will be printed for you especially and takes a couple of days to get to you. To order, just press one of the buttons below. To order the POD, you are being redirected automatically to another website called: Boekenbestellen.nl. On this site you find the POD’s of all my 11 books in Dutch and English. As you are there, have a peak to see which other books you like. When you order them together, you only pay once for handling and shipping.

I wish you will have your best winter ever. Please let me know on my Social Media or in a direct message, what Happy Winter! did for you and how you feel..

Much love, Merel Slotboom